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Nexus Ammunition

Nexus Ammunition

Using top-quality components and proprietary loading methods, Nexus is able to achieve tolerances rarely seen even in hand-load application. The “Nexus Method” incorporates quality control requirements not present elsewhere in the industry, often resulting in single digit standard deviation. 

Nexus Precision Rifle Ammunition – the difference:

  • In their brass manufacturing process, the flash hole is created in a way that there is no deburring required, and a perfect flash hole results in more consistent ignition.
  • Each cartridge is loaded with powder charges that meet or exceed the tolerances achieved by many expert hand-loaders. Their weigh-and-fill process allows them to measure a charge to 4/100th’s of a grain.
  • Using top-quality projectiles from Sierra, Lapua and others. Each lot of projectiles are tested to ensure they meet Nexus’ stringent control standards.
  • Brass is manufactured to the tight tolerances/specifications – a process that allows them to achieve tolerances that aren’t present elsewhere in the industry.  

Consistency breeds accuracy. This is match grade ammunition at its best.