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Hunting Backpacks

The best hunting packs make light work of the hunt for you. They don't slow you down, aren't fiddly, and most importantly, they have been designed by a hunter who understands exactly what you will need and the best way to access it.

Between Markhor Hunting Backpacks and Vorn Equipment there is the perfect hunting pack for you which caters for your day-long hunts or your week-long expeditions. Markhor's packs have the ability to safely store your rifle or bow (naturally the smaller packs such as the fanny pack are unable to). Vorn Equipment's packs are known for being the quickest gun packs around - you can access your rifle in a matter of seconds - without even having to take the pack off your back!!

Most models are available in Realtree Camo & Green options. Check out the range for full technical specs. Find your closest SJS Trading Co stockist and get the hunting backpack of your dreams today.